Fuzzface and Flat on Ya Face

We were all grateful for the cooler temperatures, as of course, dogs just wanna have f-u-n, o-h dogs just wanna have fun!

We have the tiny paddling pool up whilst dad is sorting out the base to put our really big one up. Fuzzface, aka Beowolf, does love the water. You would think with that coat he would get waterlogged, but he loves to swim!

I on the other paw hate water in any form, except to drink. I love tuggies and my rings-and very dry land.
As for our Hope, she likes flattening uncle Richard! He was fine, by the way! She makes me laugh with her antics!

Can’t wait for the big pool to go up. I shall stand well back and have a chuckle….
Mum would like to thank the very kind people who donated for Ronnie’s food. We will be able to feed him for two months. Mum hopes he and Storm will find a home soon. All paws crossed…

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