Hello fans!
My kennel cousins had lots of fun today. It wasn’t too hot, and games were played!
Mum spent the evening combing and grooming Fuzz Face. His proper name is something odd-Beowolf I think. He is my step brother. Personally I think Fuzz Face suits him. I mean-look at that coat!
Fuzz Face doesn’t much care for being combed or groomed, so mum has to do what she calls ‘a little and often.’ Have you seen the size of him? You wouldn’t want to annoy him, would you?
When its hot, mum puts the hose spray on him. He loves it and goes all silly. How does he get his head to turn round like an owl….
Mum was funny tonight. She got my tea ready, looked at me and said ‘sit.’ Sit? Who, me? What? Why? Just give me my tea. ‘Sit.’ The very idea….
Now-dad says he is ordering the Julius harnesses on Friday.
He has had some orders, but can take more. Would you like to look as smart as me? Get your human to order one. You can talk to dad about your size and colour, and your side flashes. Here is a pic of me wearing mine, so you can see how good they look!

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