Feeling hot hot hot!

Oh, the heat!
We sweltered yesterday. We sweltered today.
I gave mum a scare in the night. I fell asleep with my head under the duvet, and got a bit hot. Poor mum, she does worry but I was fine. Just got a bit of fluff up my nose-cat’s fur, I shouldn’t wonder. Even the Bissoe murderess has scaled down operations…bet it won’t last…

Well, so how are we keeping cool? My kennel cousins get their kennels hosed down throughout the day, which helps to lower the temperature. Some have wet towels to lie on. Even my stepbrother Roger has had a wet towel today. He is older, and struggled a bit.
And some of them love the hose spray! Something for everyone, here. A wet, and cooler kennel, a shady spot at the field edge, with the paddling pool, a wet towel, and having a shower!
Bruno likes the shade in the field, whilst Fuzzface-that’s Beowolf to you-has been positively lapping up the hose spray. He was soaked-loved it and made us all laugh.

Oh, and guess who else loved the hose spray? Little terrier Tetley-you could see him laughing as he ran to the front of his kennel. Who’d have thought he’d be a water baby?
We had more mowing too. Lovely Allye and her husband braved the heat yesterday, and our own Lizzie came down this evening. We love short grass!
Well, mum is calling me. She has been busy arranging the next intake. So many dogs….

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