• Rehoming
  • What kind of dogs do you have looking for homes?

    The dogs looking for homes changes so quickly that the best way to find out who's in the kennels is to check on the Our Dogs section of our website, or look on our Facebook page.

  • What is the rehoming procedure ?


    1. You see a dog you are interested in on our website or Facebook page, or simply call us on 01872 560232 to see if we have a suitable dog for your lifestyle available
    2. This phone call will possibly lead to a meeting with suitable dog/s at the kennels
    3. If this meeting goes well and you wish to proceed then a home-check is arranged and carried out ASAP
    4. Providing that the home-check passes, a time is arranged for the dog to be collected by the new owners, and before that the dog is taken to our vet for a full check-up to ensure it is healthy and ready to go home.
    5. The dog is collected by the new owners, and at this time all rehoming paperwork is completed and the rehoming fee paid before you leave with your new dog
    6. You will be called or visited during the next 6 months to check on the well-being of the dog and to offer help with behavioural issues that might arise
    7. After 6 months the dog's final sign off will be done but we are always available for help and support if needed throughout the dog's life and if for any reason the dog cannot remain in the new home then we will always take it back.
  • Do you do homechecks?


    After an initial phone discussion and a meeting with the potential new owners and the dog, conducted at the Centre, one of our home-checkers will make an appointment to come and assess the home's suitability for the chosen dog.

    We are looking for a secure environment and one suitable for the chosen dog, which varies according to their needs and requirements.

    You may or may not be told at the time whether the check is passed, but either way someone will call you back very soon.

  • Volunteering
  • Do you accept volunteers at the kennels?


    We run induction and training courses every few weeks for new volunteers and these will be posted in the NEWS section and on Facebook when people are invited to apply for the next intake.


    Our site is run solely by volunteers, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.
    We are a small, dedicated team, totally committed to the welfare of the dogs in our care.
    Successful applicants will be trained in all aspects of running the site, such as kennel cleaning, washing bedding, dishes, etc., and site housekeeping, disposal of waste matter, handling and exercising dogs. You will also be involved in fundraising activities-manning stalls, collection points, bag-packs, etc., and collecting donated items.
    This is an outdoor site, so you will be outside in all weathers!

    Please read the following carefully:
    -must be at least 16 years old
    -have their own transport as there are no buses or trains here
    -have written confirmation of up to date tetanus innoculations
    -must be able to offer a minimum of 3 consecutive hours on a regular weekly basis
    -must be prepared to work at least 6 weekends throughout the year on fundraising activities and site duties
    -must be prepared to work on at least one bank holiday throughout the year

    Please complete the VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION FORM and our Volunteer Co-ordinator will be in touch ASAP.


    Please send an email headed STUDENT to k9crusaders@hotmail.co.uk or use the Contact Form on the ABOUT US section, and send to the Volunteer co-ordinator.

  • Donating
  • So how can I help K9 Crusaders ?
    • ★Send a text to JustTextGiving on 70070 to donate. Use the following code with your chosen amount.KCRU01 £1/£2/£3/£5/£10
    • ★You can also donate via 'The Dog Basket' web store, or using our GoogleCheckout or Paypal buttons on the website
    • ★Re-home one of our dogs
    • ★Spread the word about us and our work with Cornish dogs. Tell your friends. They may want to re-home a dog, donate or volunteer.
    • ★Donate some time to help out at our kennels. Volunteering isn't easy but is so rewarding, and we are always desperate for help. For more info on volunteering see below question.
    • ★You can also volunteer to help with fund-raising collections, arrange an event yourself or sell raffle tickets for us. The sky's the limit but it is critical work, as without that we cannot continue to help Cornish dogs.
    • ★Attend our events, and spend some money.
    • ★Join our group on Facebook and take part in our online auctions, competitions, online dog shows and much more. Also get the scoop on the latest events.
    • ★We also now have lots of merchandise to buy at 'The Dog Basket' online store, so pay us a visit and help dogs too.
    • ★Become a member of our Facebook400 through our web-store for £1 a week and get special behind the scenes information and special members only invitations.
    • ★Donate blankets, sheets, towels, duvet covers, curtains, old dog beds or anything that can be easily washed for bedding. Please no duvets or pillows as they can be a choking hazard for some dogs and they are very hard to clean and dry.
    • ★We can also use any books or bric a brac for our car boots and stalls.
    • ★Support our Morrison’s food collecting bins in Pool, Penzance or Newquay with donations of food and treats for the dogs. They love Chappie and biscuit treats that remind them of home.
    • ★We also have collecting facilities at Pets At Home, Treliske so donations may be made there
    • ★Visit EasyFundraising.org.uk and raise money for K9 Crusaders when you shop with major online retailers including Tesco and Amazon. It’s FREE.
    • ★Change your search engine to http://k9crusaders.easysearch.org.uk/ and we get 0.5p a search. If we all do it we will raise £100s.
    • ★Check the website regularly for news and events ; www.caninecrusaders.org.uk
  • Other Questions
  • What are your rates of euthanasia at the kennels ?


    We do not euthanase a dog unless directed by a vet in severe medical cases. Dogs which cannot be released for immediate rehoming after their initial assessment period remain at the kennels for rehabilitation and training. We believe so strongly in the 3 Rs - Rescue Rehabilitation and Re-homing - that a dog remains with us until it is fit and ready for it's forever home.

  • How do I find out what events you are running?

    Visit our Events calendar on the website

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