I have one wish for tonight. I want to sleep. Last night was truly awful. Mum was following something she called ‘the election.’ I wasn’t bothered about that, whatever it is, I was bothered about HER. The meiow. The she-devil. Bang! Crash! Wallop! All night! I thought the ceiling was coming in.

This morning mum found: a large disembowelled rabbit in a pool of its own bodily juices; a live, disembowelled mouse; a dead mouse; and a live mouse. It took mum ages to clear up. Neither of us fancied our breakfast…mum reminded dad that he had brought the meiow to live here….I don’t know how or why mum loves her so much.

And news of little Tilly! She is gaining weight, and doing really well. Everyone she meets loves her.

Yawn….can hardly keep my eyes open…

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