Evening all!

Bit of an embarrassment this morning. She who is all powerful-yes, I mean the meiow-left a very dead, and disembowelled mouse outside our door. Ugh! I had to pass the poor thing to go outside for my morning, er, business-and I regret to say I couldn’t-I really couldn’t walk past. Mum had to move it for me. She gave me a look, and said ‘Oh, Eric!’ Oh, the shame….and the meiow looked on. I swear she was laughing..

Now, the big news-the first of our Forget-Me-Not field plaques have gone up!
Each plaque is on a handmade wooden mount, and they look lovely. Mum is posting some pictures separately.
There are still some posts left. If you would like to become part of our Forget-Me-Not field, please contact us.

Oh, and mum is getting the online auction underway soon. Lots of lots to bid for! Watch this space!

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