Earache the Red

Mummy has lost her voice. And her energy. I wish she’d lose the cough instead. It’s very disturbing.
Mummy is an awful patient. I call her an IMpatient. She expects bugs to behave like eggs. Three minutes or ten minutes, and its done.
Mummy has been sleeping during the day. She barely sleeps at night, so I know she must be feeling rrrrruff.
She keeps on getting up and trying to do things, and I have to shout at her to tell her to come back and rest. I haven’t lost my voice. Its still nice and loud. Maybe that’s why daddy sometimes calls me Earache instead of Eric…often wondered why…
Anyway, I have to look after mum. Here I am checking on her, and looking out for her.
Of course the best way for me to do that is to lie with my head to the window and door, so I can be alert. Mum asked me not to do it, though. She said when she opened her eyes, she didn’t get the best view. What can she mean? All of me is exquisite…

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