Duke, Lola, Indie and a drone

Right. Ready, steady, go….
Yesterday Duke’s special Sebocalm shampoo arrived, so Lizzie and Hollie gave him a lovely bath. And tomorrow morning our Duke has his home visit! We all have our paws crossed….

Last night mum couldn’t do her work as some of the keys on the laptop stopped working.
We heard from little mum to be Tilly, too. She is off her food, and fancies a change.
So this morning mum got all our puppy food out of the store, and volunteer Lisa arrived to take it all up to Newquay. Tilly can have something different every day! She has a week to go, but we think the pups might arrive sooner!

Then mum got the broken laptop and my step sister Tara into the car and shot off.
The very kind people at Currys, Treliske, sorted out the laptop so mum could type, then she raced through to Redruth so Tara could have her treatment.
Dad had to deal with the morning’s visitors.

This afternoon we had a lovely surprise when Indie dropped in to see us, fresh from winning a 2nd place rosette for prettiest eyes in the Cats Protection dog show! She looks great, very pretty in her lilac Julius-K9 harness, and we were delighted to see the fur has grown back on her ears!

No sooner had Indie left, than Lola’s new family arrived to sign her adoption papers! Cue lots of smiles and everyone very happy. Ahhhh. I like that! And doesn’t Lola look a treat?

In fact the only cloud in our blue sky today wasn’t a cloud at all-it was what dad called a drone-a really big one. It was buzzing the kennels on and off all day, and really upset the dogs, as well as Zoe and Frankie, our kennel staff. Our Fuzzface got really annoyed by it.
Dad went off to find the people. He found them. He was not happy at all. When he told mum, she stormed off to see the men, but fortunately for them she didn’t find them. Mum doesn’t like us being upset. I mean, she REALLY doesn’t like us being upset…..

Well, my head is in a whirl after today. Mum still has to catch up on her work, now she can type on the computer, so I had better sign off…

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