Duke and Ginger – All Smiles :)

So do you want the good news first? Or the good news? Plenty of smiles here!
Yesterday mum took Duke for his home visit to see if he has found his special people. It looks like he has! It went very well, and I have heard that Duke is going to his new home later this week! Mum says he already loves his new family and his new home. And they are happy to carry on with his medical routine, too.
Today mum and dad went off with Ginger. Ginger enjoyed her visit very much. She was a stray, so we don’t know anything about her at all. She inspected everything, and had loads of tummy rubs and christened the garden and not the carpet. Mum and dad came back very pleased and optimistic. Ginger was frazzled!
Mum says Ginger will be fostered when her people come back from holiday later this month. In the meantime Dad and Ginger will be doing some training about cats!


At least Ginger’s cat knows how to react to us dogs. Ginger says the cat blew up like a Puffer fish, then legged it. Ginger says she did try to chase, but dad wouldn’t let her.
Just our luck to be saddled with Psycho cat.
You should have heard the commotion last night. I mean-how’s a pibble supposed to sleep? Crash bang yeeeeoooowwwwwlllll……
Mum says this morning there was fresh blood everywhere, and a small pile of sicked up catfood…..but no body…..anywhere…but she was there. Looking smug. Ugh. Makes me shudder! Ginger! Have a chase for me. Keep the flag flying for us dogs!

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