Dogs at Cornish charity aiming to predict World Cup match results

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By RWhitehouse | Posted: June 10, 2014

TEAM of football loving pooches are hoping to predict the outcomes of World Cup matches using their tastebuds.

K9 Crusaders dog welfare charity in Bissoe is challenging its four-legged residents to make daily predictions for the Brazil tournament which starts today.

The canine pundits will have dishes of food placed in front of them with the flags of the nations taking part in the matches.

Their predictions will be set by the bowl of food they choose and a tally will be kept throughout the tournament to find the best pundit at the dogs’ home.

In the 2010 World Cup Paul the Octopus became an international star after successfully predicting 11 out of 13 match outcomes including that Spain would win in the final.

Those taking part at K9 Crusaders include Jack Russell “Jinky” Jess, Ambull “Chopper” Ross, Staffie “Bomber” Bruno, Lurcher “King of the Wing” Wesley and veteran Boxer “The Guv’nor” George.

George told his carers: “These dogs have a ‘nose’ for a win, I’ll be sticking with England all way . Rooney’s ‘ruff’ ready and raring to go and it’s a while since Hart’s had a ‘howler’. If the ‘wags’ stay at home and the boys don’t get ‘dog tired’ in the heat, then we can ‘sniff’ out a spot in the final.”

The predictions are the idea of Kez Hollywood who works at the charity and helps with the dogs’ training.

He said: “We just thought it would be a bit of fun and a good way to get the dogs’ profile raised a bit.

“Everyone remembers Paul the Octopus and we hope we might have a dog who can rival his feat.

“We won’t be getting them to predict every game, but we will be doing one daily.

“We will then be having the dogs competing against each other in their own tournament to find out who is the best at predicting the results.”

He added: “I am a football fan, not a die-hard fan but that’s because it is hard being from Scotland.

“I don’t think England will do too badly and I saw one bookmakers offering odds of 100-1 for England which is tempting. However, realistically I think it will be Brazil to win on home turf with Belgium as outsiders.”

Site manager Sue Smith said: “I think it is hilarious and we will look forward to the dogs making their predictions each day.

“I think it is a fab idea, a bit of fun and, who knows, maybe in our number we will have a wonder dog football pundit.”

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