Doggie ice-cream a success says Perranporth business woman

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Monday, September 16, 2013
By Esmé Ashcroft

A Perranporth business woman who created a range of home-made doggie ice-creams to raise money for a dog charity has described her canine treat as a “huge success”.
Denise Burrell from Pavilion Ice in Perranporth raised £500 after owners and their pets lapped up her dog friendly treats at the K9 Crusaders charity walk on Perranporth beach last Sunday.

The dog-creams, which come in roast chicken and gravy, gourmet roast beef and gravy, good boys chocolate chip, cheese and biscuits and marrowbone flavors, are made from a mixture of fresh yogurt and dog treats.
A few adventurous owners even had a try of the canine cornettos and praised their lovely savory taste.

Mrs Burrell said: “Everybody seemed to enjoy the day and the ice-creams despite the terrible weather, they were definitely a huge success.
“The gourmet roast beef and gravy was the best seller of the day. But after trying all of them my favorite was the cheese and biscuits.”
Mrs Burrell was inspired to make the unusual frozen treat after she tragically lost her puppy, Mazzie, a few weeks ago.
She said: “I thought I have got to do something for the K9 Crusaders in Mazzie’s name.
“The charity does so much and they really need money to help them survive.”
K9 Crusaders is a Bissoe based charity run entirely by volunteers who care for and re-homes dogs which have been abandoned or given up by owners who can no longer cope.
Kate David, a volunteer at the charity, said: “We think the ice cream is a fantastic idea. It’s nice to know that a local business and so many other people want to help us raise money.
“Without this event and others we would shut down, what we survive on is donations.”
For the first time in their history the charity has had to close their waiting list. Last Friday alone they turned down 30 dogs.
“We have found that the recession and the bedroom tax has really affected our numbers. People just can’t afford to keep their dogs anymore,” Mrs David said.
After the success of this weekend, Mrs Burrell is planning to further support the charity by making more doggie ice-creams for special events throughout the year.

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