Did you miss me?

Hello there fans!
Yes, it really is me-back after rather a long absence!
Well, mum has been very busy with all sorts of human and doggy stuff, including my ‘sister’ Tara, so I’ve had to wait for help with my typing.
Tara has been diagnosed with something called Degenerative Myelopathy, its to do with a gene she has. Mum has been really busy getting all sorts of treatment in place to help Tara.
Now, what else? Well, we have waved goodbye to quite a few of my kennel cousins, and said hello to ‘big Layla’. She is ever so pretty.
Oh yes…exciting times..our new shop is about to open! Auntie Wendy and her team have been working round the clock to get it ready for opening. Thats what mum says. I thought they were working in the actual shop, not on a clock…hey ho..odd things, humans..oh and its in Redruth!
Dad is planning the Christmas menu for all my kennel cousins! Today we learned a very kind dog lover is donating chickens, potatoes and Yorkshire puds! We are hoping to find some more very kind people to donate some of the other food items on the list. I can’t have any of it though, because I am intolerant. Well my guts is. Mum says.
And…dad has another Christmas treat idea up his sleeve…but I am sure you will hear all about that soon enough!
Mum says she is really looking forward to meeting all of you with your Christmas shoeboxes. I have to remind her to repost the post of the poster….what?
Oh, and next week we are having a very special visitor..a VIP! I am hoping to be presented, as I have heard she is really lovely…but I’m not going out if its raining…or cold…brrrrr!
Mum says I have to ‘wind up’ now as she has yet more stuff to do, and Tara has to have a pill. What am I winding up? She didn’t say…hmmm..

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