D&D and loud bangs

Greetings from soggy Bissoe!
We are all snuggled down, cosy and dry, out of the rain.

Today the K9 Crew have been in St Austell, Newquay and Penryn, telling people all about us here, and what we do. Everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves.

The two Ds-Doris and Duke, went up to Newquay. I hear they had great fun, with lots of attention and fuss. Doris won 4th place in the rescue dog class! She has a green rosette to wear. They were both exhausted-couldn’t keep their eyes open when they got back.

We didn’t have a very good afternoon here at the kennels. The farmer who has the field next to us had men in with guns, they were shooting the crows, they said.
The bangs were incredibly loud, and several of my cousins were very stressed and scared. Poppy and Bud were the worst. The farmer only told us minutes before the shooting started, so mum and dad had no time to prepare the dogs who get worried. Bud has epilepsy, and we have to make sure he is not unduly stressed.
Mum and dad said what we needed was very heavy rain, and the shooting would stop. We got it. The bangs stopped.
They had to make sure all my cousins were alright before they could come indoors.

Its quiet now so we are resting…I say quiet…the meiow is out there somewhere…stalking…

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