Crash, Bang, Wallop!!!

Evening all!
I start with news of little mum to be Tilly. Here she is enjoying life with her foster family. Fallen on her paws there, by the looks of things.
I kept you guessing yesterday, as to which of my kennel cousins had visitors today! It was Lola! Pretty Lola is going off with mum and dad on Tuesday for a home visit. Everyone’s a bit apprehensive as Lola has never had a proper home. Mum says she is a sort of dog pass the parcel, when the music stopped, Lola got passed on again. She was only a puppy at the time, too. No wonder she was so confused and insecure. We all have our paws crossed that Lola will be on her best behaviour, and remembers everything dad has taught her. Well some of it, any way.
Someone who is not confused at all is my step brother Roger. He is very wise, you know, well he is 13, and he has been with mum a long time now.
Roger is a lurcher, and they love their food. Roger went into the barn tonight where mum was training, and found the muffle with bits of food in. It was right under the punch bag that mum was using, but did he mind? Not a bit of it. He got stuck in right away, with the bag swinging above him. Pow! Zap! Smack! And Roger ignored it all and just enjoyed the muffle and all it had to offer!
Haven’t seen the mieow today….still asleep upstairs…heard her last night, though, meiowing loudly over her kill…urgh……terrifying….

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