Cat Muffins? No Way

Evening, all!
Well what excitement-dad has made cakes for the dog show tomorrow! He has made Ruffy Road and Mutts Muffins.

Now-please note I said ‘dog’ show-not cat show. The muffins are for mutts-not moggies…you know where this is going, don’t you? As soon as Grace had done her photoshoot with the cakes and the muffle, the marauding moggie arrived. There would have been thievery if mum and dad hadn’t intervened. She even got into the box to lick up the excess frosting. Honestly, is nothing sacred now?

Auntie Marion used her washing line for the first time-and very chuffed she was, too-until, that is, she went to get the washing in. My daft brother Max is a one dog destruction machine. He thought the washing basket was a toy. He snatched it, ran off and wrecked it. RIP washing basket. He is such a chump. Hard to believe he is belongs to the VIDS. Thats Very Intelligent Dog Society.
My harness came today-yipeeeeee! We are saving the pics for another day, mum says, as today’s picture slot belongs to Max, and that pesky cat.

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