Cap’n Jack t’ Russell

Wet. Again. Go out? You want me to go out? In that? Er, no. Have you any idea what it feels like to be dripped on? To have wet paws? Ugh! So not happening…

So mum left me to my bed, and went off early with Ronnie and Storm. It was for the vet to get to their bottoms. Or was it the bottom? Was that it? Whatever. She came back without them.
Then she went out again in the car, and came back saying ‘Jack’s fencing was coming on really well.’
Now I know little Jack is terrific at playing fetch-in fact he is one of the best-but fencing? He puts up fencing? He’s only little. Tiny, even. Or does she mean he fights? With swords! Whoooaaa….Jack Russells are scary enough without swords….

Mum does some strange things sometimes. She takes lots of photos of me. That’s not strange-I am so handsome-but she has been taking photos of a kennel floor! Bruno’s floor, to be precise. I mean..why? Oh. Apparently it is breaking up and there’s holes. Bad. Very bad. Mum says it must be repaired.

Much later on, mum came back with Ronnie and Storm. They had skin biopsies. Doesn’t sound like fun. Ronnie has 2 stitches, which he is quite proud of. Ronnie has to stay on special food now, and they both have tablets. Mum says its very expensive.
I leave you with me showing my best side…

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