Brush Head Buddies

Greetings, readers! Daft Vader here-may the forth be with you!
Well, mummy went off early this morning to the vets in the car with Ronnie, the brush head dog. He is on the left in the picture.

Ronnie and Storm are actually Scottish terriers-Scotties to you and me. I think they look like brush heads with ears at one end.

Mummy gets sad about them. I hate it when mum gets sad. She calls them ‘the boys.’ She says they are gorgeous little dogs, and real characters-whatever that means. She says she longs to find someone else who loves them like she does. Apparently people don’t want to have the two of them together. I think thats awful. When I heard they were ‘closely bonded’, I thought they were stuck together! They aren’t, of course. In fact, they are quite different. You should see old Stormy go! He rockets round the field, you would never know he was older than Ronnie.

Ronnie has been to the vet a lot to have his blood tested. Apparently his liver is funny. I don’t really understand it. Do they mean his liver makes you laugh? Can a liver make you laugh? Ronnie and Storm look pretty serious dudes to me. Anyway, Ronnie has some new tablets to try.

Chris the builder came today and did some more work in the deep cover field. When its finished it will become the Forget me Not field. The plaques have begun arriving too-very exciting.

And I got my own back on Geraldine tonight. I was on duty in the yard when she popped out from under the car. She didn’t know I was there-she didn’t half jump! Of course I wouldn’t ever chase her…wouldn’t dare…she is one scary ball of fur….
Eric the Red signing off. Just need to keep a look out for that pesky cat…she appears from nowhere…

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