BIG Dogs and Scary Cats

Well. I am exhausted! Mummy and I have been awake since 4am. I could do with an early night, but its a very busy day, and mum is still working. Phone, computer, computer, phone-my head is spinning.
All my cousins have had a great day playing in the sun again, but I am just toooo tired.

Malachi went out with dad this morning, down to Penryn. Poor chap is waiting for another blood test at the vets. Its because he was very ill you know. We have to ‘keep an eye on him.’ Does that mean he has to have someone’s eye attached to him? Yikes. I hope not. Must ask mum…
Anyway, Malachi had a really nice walk around Penryn, near the campus. He does love a car ride. Dad posted some nice pictures of him earlier. He’s a big goof. Malachi, not dad. Or should that be the other way round? Anyway-I rather like old Mal, even though he has an awfully deep bark, and is huge. D’you know he is 10 years old this year? Mum and dad were talking about him, shaking their heads and sounding sad. Apparently big Mal has no special person of his own. He shares my mum and dad, and I know how much they love and care for him-but its not the same as having your own people. And he doesn’t have any people of his own. I think that is awful. To be 10 years old, and not have people..maybe this will be the month he meets his special person? Maybe you can help us find big Mal his very own person?
Talking of Malachi, and blood tests, mum says to say thank you to 2 kind people who have already donated to help us pay the vets bill. You can help us too.

You can donate by calling Cornwall Animal Hospital on 01209 313214, and paying some money off our bill, or you can email us at for our bank details, or you can paypal. OR you can donate to our total giving page vets appeal. Mum says she will post the link when I have finished waffling. Cheek!

So I know you are all dying to know why mum and I have been awake since 4am!
We weren’t awake, we were fast asleep. Then Geraldine came in through the catflap, and started mewing loudly. Then we were awake. She does this sometimes. I’m used to it now. I don’t panic like I used to. Then it went quiet, and as we drifted back to sleep, it started. An unearthly scratching and scrabbling in the passageway outside our room. Mummy and I snapped awake. Mum thought Geraldine might have brought in a rat or a rabbit that was still alive.
Then…and this is a moment I will never forget…our bedroom door slowly and eerily opened, creaking and groaning like something out of a horror film. It had been firmly shut.
Well. I froze with terror. I could not move. And mum-mum leapt from the bed, it was like something from The Matrix, and bearing in mind she was on the side furthest away from the door, she hurdled the bed in one leap, and landed, panther like, in the doorway, just in time to see Geraldine drop silently down onto the floor from the door latch, on which she had been swinging. Geraldine went backwards out the room at a rate of knots, and mum shut the door. I was still paralyzed with terror, stuck to the bed, my eyes starting out of my head. I felt sick. Mum wedged a broom handle under the latch in an effort to prevent a further assault.
We settled down, and lay, eyes wide open, listening, listening…until it was time for the day to start.
So daddy has brought us a cat who watches, thinks, and reasons. We are all doomed…..I think I may be too scared to sleep….

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