Appeal launched to raise £3,000 for dog’s lifesaving operation

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By RWhitehouse | Posted: February 19, 2015

AN appeal has been launched to raise £3,000 so that a dog can have a lifesaving operation.

Ross is one of the dogs cared for by rescue charity K9 Crusaders.

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He has a slipped disc in his back which requires surgery. A vet has offered to carry out the procedure for half the usual £6,000 cost and now the charity is desperately trying to raise the money to help Ross.

Chairwoman Wendy Carbis said: “Poor Ross has had it tough. Abandoned into a pound and running out of time until he would have been put to sleep, but then saved by K9 Crusaders where we hoped he could put his past behind him, but now trouble has found him again.

“Ross has a badly slipped disc and is getting weaker by the day in his back legs.”

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She added: “We feel that, despite the enormity of the amount needed, that Ross really does deserve a chance at a bright future, so we are pleading with you all to please give the big guy a chance and donate whatever you can afford for Ross. Humanity has turned their back on him before and we will not do it when he needs us most.”

The appeal has already managed to collect more than £2,100.

To donate towards the appeal go to

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