All Happening Here….

Well my head is in a whirl and my eyes are jiggling in my head.

  • Ginger’s out on foster and these could be her special people;
  • Lewis goes to his special people tomorrow;
  • little cousin Ben is arriving, to see if mum and dad can find him some special people;
  • big machines have nearly cleared our Christmas tree field ready for fencing;
  • the Forget Me Not field is nearly finished;
  • Auntie Jodie has recovered from doing 275 box jump burpees to raise money for us;
  • auntie Becky still has some raffle tickets left to sell to raise money for us;
  • Auntie Becky has nearly finished putting together our online auction-to raise money for us;
  • Auntie Wendy might have found us another shop-

and finally-gasp, splutter..

  • Furribal Lecter has just dragged something large, furry, brown and dead through the catflap and skipped upstairs with it….2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and mum has just brought it down the stairs and put the poor dead thing out. G will not be amused….
    See the picture of her? Its entitled ‘Cold blooded killer’…
    See the picture of me? Its entitled ‘Oh, Eric’….bit embarrassing, really…

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