Albert Hall, Bissoe

What a funny few days we have had. Weird weather. Its made a lot of my kennel cousins very jumpy. I don’t know why. Then we had a day of rumblings and the odd bang. Well. There was barking and hiding in bed boxes, and as for my stepsister Tara-she got in a frightful panic. Mum and dad shut the site down early and made sure all my cousins were ok. The little dogs had their radio turned up-sounded like the Albert Hall in the front block. Made me giggle.

Mum had to keep Tara with her, only way she would stop panicking.
I heard the rumbling and banging. I don’t know what it was. Actually I don’t really care. As long as it’s not my teddy exploding…now that would be a worry…anyway, I just sat here and snoozed off and on. Mum said she had to stay with Tara til she settled. That was a few days ago. Tara isn’t as bad as she was on that day, but she is still in a state, as mum calls it. Beats me. Baffled, I am. Still, no accounting for some. Quite a lot, actually. Mum says Aunt Poppy isn’t back to normal yet either. Normal? Aunt Poppy? She never was normal at the calmest of times.

Anyway, we heard from Tilly today. Her pups have got their eyes open, just, and are beginning to explore. Nearly 2 weeks old! My, they are growing fast.

Well, I’m as snug as a bug here after a great game on my rings earlier, but now its chucking it down out there, and blowing a gale. And guess who is out in it? That’s right. Furribal Lecter. And they say cats don’t like the rain? They’ve not met this one. Creepy.

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