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Tags For Pets

A huge range of tags including;

  • Anodized Pet Tags
  • Brass Pet Tags
  • Enamel Pet Tags
  • Glitter Pet Tags
  • Gold-plated Pet Tags
  • Holiday Pet Tags
  • Jewel Pet Tags
  • Key Rings
  • Lobster Clasps
  • Nickel Pet Tags
  • Photo Frames & Pendants
  • Shopping Trolley Tokens
  • Silver-plated Pet Tags
  • Steel Pet Tags

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The Dog Poo Wormery

  • Dispose of your dog waste safely and easily!
  • A quick, easy and efficient method for recycling dog waste – Nature’s perfect answer!
  • The worms will digest the waste and turn it into worm castings
  • The dog poo wormery is a proven way to deal with dog waste, has virtually no smells and will prove
    invaluable to you
  • Replaces the poly bag pick-up method which contributes to landfill sites and environmental pollution
  • This is a completely re-usable system for dog owners
  • The worm castings can be used safely in your garden

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Dog Poo Wormery

Amazon Affiliates Store

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