Stop Pad Panic

Evening fans!

Well, the news is-I’ve been grounded for two days.
You remember I was having so much fun with my puller rings? Mum says I throw myself around recklessly. I don’t know what she means, but I skidded and tore my stop pad a little bit.

I didn’t think mum would notice, but when I got back indoors, I couldn’t resist having a bit of a chew. Yes I know, but it was sore. I knew I shouldn’t-and mum came in and caught me! Not just red handed. By then everything was red. It did bleed just a bit. Mum looked at me. I heard her telling dad that she knew when she walked in I had done something. She said I had guilt written all over my face. What? I can’t write on my own face, so who did it, I’d like to know? They are in trouble when I catch them.
Anyway, mum said I looked so pathetic, and she just burst out laughing and gave me a big cuddle.
No puller rings til my stop pad has healed. I have to make do with a gentle trot after a rope toy until I’m better.

It was nice to see Duke going home on Thursday, wasn’t it? He will get all the love and attention he needs as his new dad is with him all the time.
More pictures of little momma Tilly and her babies-altogether now-ahhhhhh……

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