Muffle Ruffle?

What a busy day. Isn’t it always?

Dad went down to the dog show to demonstrate the muffle, and to draw the muffle raffle with Duke. Several people wanted the muffle, in the end it was won by an ex kennel cousin, Ellie, and her dad Ralph. She was delighted to have won. There are lots of pictures posted separately.

Meanwhile little Jack went off for a two week foster. His new dad has not had a dog before, so mum spent a lot of time making sure they got to know all about Jack and his endearing little ways. It was all very exciting. Jack looked so happy. We have all our paws crossed.
Its really quiet here. No squeaky ball and sealion bark!

Indie came to visit us, to collect her Julius harness. She seemed very pleased with it. Its purple, and goes well with her pink collar.
She hasn’t changed. She stole a toy and promptly tore it to shreds.
Later on mum went out to help with a dog of a lady who is ill. We all get sad, but mum says that’s our job, its what we do, so we have to get on with it.
And I got caught out when she came back. This is how it went:
‘Eric. Is that a ball in your mouth?’
‘What? There’s a ball in my mouth? Are you sure?
No. I have no idea how it got there…..’
I definitely got away with it. Definitely…I think…

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