Flying dogs!!

Hello everyone-bit late tonight as mummy and daddy got called out.


We have had a really nice day today- no shooting and loud bangs, thank goodness. We all enjoyed the sunshine, and you can see how happy we all look.

Daddy was walking around with his tripod and some liver cake. He’s up to something…
We have happy pictures today: Misty, puffed out, walking back from the field with Lucy; then some great action shots of Dexter with daddy. Bailey is pictured with the tripod. Hmm…daddy had it with Bruno, too, but it is out of shot.
Misty, Dexter, Bailey and Bruno are all special dogs, really lovely dogs, hoping to find some equally special and lovely people.
I got to play my favourite game today, too, with my puller rings. I really love them. I played the game with mum-its very fast so she couldn’t take any pictures. I haven’t played for a while, so mum says I need to get into shape. Bit worried by that. What shape should I get into? A triangle? A square? Mum hasn’t said. Why do I need to get into one? I hope there will be room for me. It doesn’t sound very comfortable. Anyway, I couldn’t jump very high, so here are some pictures of me last year, as a gangly teenager, playing with my puller rings, this time with dad. I was a bit of a hooligan back then.

We have a very busy week ahead, so time for my pee and bed.
Night night!

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