Buttercups and Pussy Cats

Greetings, people!
Well, not surprisingly, after seeing me modelling the Julius harness, lots more of you have ordered. Daddy has been tap tap tapping at the computer, studying his order book and looking serious. Mummy and dad are very grateful for your orders, as every harness bought helps my cousins in the kennels. Dad has a 20% discount off the rrp during May. Pretty good, eh?

We have had visitors, too, cousins I’ve not seen before, coming with their special people to try on harnesses for size. I had to do that, too!
If you want one, you can still order, dad will likely do another order next week.

I saw little Merlin having a bath-it’s all making sense now…visitors…the home visit…the health check up at the vets…the bath…hmmm…watch this space!

And talking of the vet, please please don’t forget our VIV appeal-our Very Important Vets appeal-its to help us pay our vets for all the work they do to help my kennel cousins.
You can call the Animal Hospital on 01209 313214 and pay something off our account, or you can paypal us at k9crusaders@hotmail.co.uk, or you can pm Hilary Merton for our bank details.
I think Auntie Wendy might be doing a new total giving page for us. The old one is still there, so you could use it if you like. Please help-even £1 will make a difference!
And now-a mystery! Daddy found my step sister, Mrs Miggins (you might know her as Morgan or Moogie), wearing a very fetching buttercup necklace yesterday. And very pretty she looks, too. Anyone care to own up? It wasn’t mummy.
And finally…yes…it’s the meow thing, sunning herself, and no doubt plotting more torment…
Well, I hear mummy approaching, so better close now!
Please help us pay our vet bill…we really need your support.

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