Indie’s Exit

Greetings, all!
We had visitors this morning. Mum took them into the barn so I knew it was serious stuff. I heard Indie’s name mentioned. I think they were filling out the papers to adopt Indie, so now she belongs with them for ever, like I belong with my mum for ever. Its a great feeling-the best!

Its really quiet without Indie. She used to make me jump with her ‘creaking door’ voice. Honestly, she could do film sound effects, that one. I hope she doesn’t scare her new family! Mind you, you can see she loves them already-just look at the pictures. She looks a bit dozy in a couple of them as she had an operation today. They call it ‘being spayed.’

Big shout out for Indie-good luck with your new humans! They smile when her name is mentioned, I think they love her loads already.

Everyone gets excited when one of my cousins finds their special family, but it never lasts for very long. Mum has been on the phone a lot today. I think it won’t be long before more cousins arrive. She sounded sad on the phone. Usually means people on the waiting list are preparing to bring us their dogs. Most of them get really upset. Makes me want to cry along with them. I will tell them it’ll be ok. Really it will.
Its been very windy and cold here today. I’m tucked up nice and snug-we all are.
This is handsome hound Eric the Red signing off now.

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