The Mystery of The Red Folder

Hellooo humans and hounds!

Well. The red folder. It came out yesterday. It came out again today. Often when the red folder comes out, mum goes out in the car. She sometimes takes with her one of my distant cousins, the ones who come and stay with us in the kennels.

Yesterday she took Merlin the Jack Russell. That’s him on the left, two black eye patches.
Today she took Jack. He is on the right, little pointy faced chap.
When she has the red folder, I hear words like ‘homecheck’, and ‘home visit.’ After she gets back, the humans talk a lot. Merlin and Jack were very tired and went straight in for their biscuits and a snooze.

We had Sarah here today. She mows our grass. We all love short grass! Its great for running really fast and playing. We don’t get grass seeds piercing us, hurting us and making us ill, and mum says its much easier to pick up our poop, which keeps our fields clean. The humans seem to like it when we poop. They collect it, you know, and have special containers to keep it in. Very strange. Never will understand humans….

Talking of strange, let me introduce you to my step sister and step brother. The ginger Staffy is Grace, the chocolate Lab is Arthur, and man, they don’t come much stranger than these two dudes.
They get so excited when they see this framework thing. Grace starts bashing it with her paws, and they both snuffle about on the ground for ages. Weird.

I’ve seen it before-‘course I have-and I really can’t see the attraction. They kept putting it in front of me and touching bits of it, then watching me. Well-I mean-eh? What is their problem? Must be a human thing….
Well anyway, there I was tonight, in our freshly mown field, looking my best, and all the humans could do was gather round Grace and Arthur and the frame thing…I was not best pleased, and I told them so. Loudly.
I had a jolly good game of running with my mum in the end, though. I got 4 large tuggies in my mouth, too!
Eric the Red signing off for today. Tomorrow I will be hounding the humans for more news. Get it? Hounding? No? Oh well, never mind…

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