Just a little background

Greetings, all you human and hound dudes out there!
That fetching fellow below is me!
Thought I had better introduce myself! I live at the kennels-have done since I arrived in autumn 2013 as a stray. I was very ill then. It was a terrible time. I hadn’t been fed enough, I was almost beyond wanting to eat and drink. I remember being so tired and weak. I was very very depressed, I had lost all hope. And frightened, I was so very frightened. Nobody loved me. I thought my life was over. I had watched others die, and I thought I would die. I hadn’t even reached what they called a first birthday.

Anyway, the human who is now my mummy took me in and looked after me. I was so tired, and terrified of being taken away, but she stayed with me day and night. I couldn’t seem to ever get warm, but she wrapped me up and held me. I had to have an operation, and the bleeding wouldn’t stop. Mummy made it stop eventually but it was very scary. She held me even tighter. I am glad she did because I used to have awful nightmares.

I got to know the vet very well. We had lots of visits to see him. He was nice, and helped me to get well.
So here I am-looking good and feeling fine, though apparently I have intolerances and extreme allergic reactions, and I have my very own first aid kit that the vet says I have to have with me at all times. I must be very important. I have special food, too!
I have been adopted by my mum-I think it means we belong together.
I heard some strange men in uniform saying I couldn’t be rehomed-something to do with my looks. Maybe its because I’m so handsome I would dazzle people?

Anyway, my mum told the men I belonged with her, she had adopted me, and I could stay here forever.
I’m all grown up now, and gosh-I am handsome, aren’t I? Did I tell you that already?
Well dudes-that’s me-keep ’em peeled for more news from THE PEE POST tomorrow!
This is Eric, signing off for tonight. Now where did I leave my teddy…..

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