3 new friends

I am so pleased it’s cooler now-perhaps I’ll be able to sleep better. That mummy takes up so much room, and she is so fidgety. Sometimes I think she imagines it’s her bed!
At least we must be grateful that Furribal Lecter is giving the local wildlife a break. Well, apart from the live, disembowelled mouse that dad found running round the front yard…..honestly, sometimes I think I’ve moved in with the Adams family….its taken up residence in the clean laundry basket, so all mum’s clean clothes are covered in white hair. She’s doing it to unnerve me, I know it….I must be strong….I must be strong….I must be….
Oh, have you seen the three new terriers? Mum drove out to collect them this morning. She was very sad for their special people. Awful situation, apparently.
They seem very happy dogs. Mum hopes they find some new special people soon. She says she is glad people are sharing her post! Really? Does she mean you are all sharing the same pee post? I had no idea humans did that…you learn something new every day….humans sharing a pee post…hmmmm….

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