Happy Endings

April 12, 2013


Lovely message from our Bruno’s new family. He’s looking great and somewhat less hairy since his trim.

Hello K9 Crusaders, I thought you would like me to update you on the progress of Bruno. He has been in his new home for 2 weeks now and is settling in nicely.
He is still very scared of everything unknown to him such as having his feet wiped and being brushed!! But we are getting there. He absolutely loves playing with his tuggy ropes and is a real bundle of energy in the mornings making sure that once we are up, we know he is there too.

We started dog training this week and he was very bemused by the whole thing but have managed to get him to understand the command ‘sit’ so there is hope! We had a very big space to fill in our home after losing our lovely dog ‘Bessie’ but it is being gradually filled by this great, affectionate ball of hair called ‘Bruno’.

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