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March 27, 2013

Billy Lurcher

Billy was brought into K9 Crusaders as a stray, very thin and full of worms. we adopted him last last August and now at age 2 he is the most delightful, fun loving dog. After my beloved old dog died last year I didn’t think I could ever love another dog as much, but Billy has proved me wrong.

When we got him home he was a real nutcase, not house trained and jumping up at everybody. We didn’t dare let him near our cat or chickens. We enrolled him at a beginners dog training class, and gradually he became well behaved and obedient. He was always very anxious to please, it was just a case of him learning what was allowed and what was unacceptable.

As you can see he is now best pals with the cat and they play together. We kept him on the lead for the first 2 weeks, and then very gradually began to let him off when he had learnt to come back to a whistle.

He has turned out to be the most loving dog you could hope for, and he loves children and other dogs. Being a Lurcher he is extremely fast, and his favourite thing is when we take the ball thrower to the beach or a field. He retrieves the ball and drops it nicely at your feet. His only slight naughtiness is stealing other dogs balls, as he can always get there before them, but nobody has really minded so far. Oh and he is always hungry, and will eat anything, and will steal food if he can, but I think a lot of dogs are like that.

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