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K9 Crusaders Dog Welfare

Sue Smith
Sue Smith4 hours ago
AS A RESULT of the most tragic of family circumstances, these 3 stunning Jack Russells arrived today.
They are Bruno, Tyson and Minnie. They are a much loved bonded pack of working terriers.
Initially they were very worried about leaving their lifelong home, but soon settled down and travelled well, and once they got into the field-what fun was had by all. They are an absolute delight to be with.
All are around 8 years old, and have a very big adventure ahead, as they come to terms with an entirely new way of life.
True Jack Russell fans will be in 7th heaven with these 3!
01872 560232
Sue Smith
Sue Smith1 month ago
THE FIRST of the Forget-Me-Not field plaques are up!
Thank you to all of you who helped fund our new fence by buying a post or some fencing. We are proud to be able to display your memories and sentiments. Can't wait to see them all go up!
There are still some posts available. Your plaque can be to remember past loved ones, or a happy gotcha day celebration, or just an expression of love for your non human bestie!
If you would like to get involved, contact us on 01872 560232, email k9crusaders@hotmail.co.uk or text 07828261355.
Becky Holden
Becky Holden2 days ago
Please note that the K9 Crusaders 'Dogs Dinner' Fundraiser at Spires Restaurant, Truro College scheduled for Monday 26th June as been CANCELLED due to low numbers. If you have paid a deposit to me via paypal, I have this evening refunded the payments. I will also shred any cheques I have received unless otherwise instructed.

The raffle that I had organised to draw on the night will still run and the draw date will be extended. A new poster will be
shared shortly.

Thank you to those who booked and I'm sorry to have to cancel. If you have any queries, please PM me.
Sue Smith
Sue Smith4 days ago
News and gossip from the kennels, brought to you by resident reporter, Eric the Red.
Helloooo y'all!
I'm happy to say I am officially released from nursing duty!
Mum is still having the occasional rest, but she is getting better each day now. The night time coughing is a bit irritating, though. She keeps disturbing my sleep. Oh well, at least she's not taking up all my bed now...
We heard from not so little Tilly today! She is the tiny little Jack Russell who arrived pregnant. Her foster mum says there are 3 weeks to go. There are 3 puppies showing on the scan. Mum is still worried about Tilly being so small, but we know she is in very good hands.
And Lola! Our Lola was spayed on Friday, and is convalescing in a foster home. Actually we all have everything crossed here. Lola had such a lot of problems when she arrived here. She'd had a terrible time, and was so desperate for attention and affection, she just didn't know that trying to tear people to shreds was not the way to make friends. Poor Lola, but I have heard that if her foster goes well, she might have found her forever home....shhhhh....
Sue Smith
Sue Smith2 days ago
News and gossip from the kennels, brought to you by resident reporter Eric the Red.
Oh, the heat!
We sweltered yesterday. We sweltered today.
I gave mum a scare in the night. I fell asleep with my head under the duvet, and got a bit hot. Poor mum, she does worry but I was fine. Just got a bit of fluff up my nose-cat's fur, I shouldn't wonder. Even the Bissoe murderess has scaled down operations...bet it won't last...
Well, so how are we keeping cool? My kennel cousins get their kennels hosed down throughout the day, which helps to lower the temperature. Some have wet towels to lie on. Even my stepbrother Roger has had a wet towel today. He is older, and struggled a bit.
And some of them love the hose spray! Something for everyone, here. A wet, and cooler kennel, a shady spot at the field edge, with the paddling pool, a wet towel, and having a shower!
Bruno likes the shade in the field, whilst Fuzzface-that's Beowolf to you-has been positively lapping up the hose spray. He was soaked-loved it and made us all laugh.
Oh, and guess who else loved the hose spray? Little terrier Tetley-you could see him laughing as he ran to the front of his kennel. Who'd have thought he'd be a water baby?
We had more mowing too. Lovely Allye and her husband braved the heat yesterday, and our own Lizzie came down this evening. We love short grass!
Well, mum is calling me. She has been busy arranging the next intake. So many dogs....
She is sad that Becky has had to cancel the fundraising meal....
I'd better go...Furribal Lecter is stirring....
Lou Benney
Lou Benney2 days ago
BONUS BALL - Fund raising for K9 Crusaders. 24th June 2017
The way this works is each number costs £1 a week. If your number wins, then you receive £25 and each week K9 Crusaders keeps the remainder Anyone wishing to join us, payment is by paypal (friends/family) to k9crusaders@hotmail.co.uk, with comment of "Bonus Ball" please. Numbers available are those without a name against them. Reserved numbers will be tagged on a Monday, than again on a Thursday, and will need to be paid for by 7pm on Friday , otherwise they will be released.

1 Stan Merton
2 Lou Scamp
3 Tania Finlay
5 Nel Rutter- Wilton
7 John Dunn
10 Emma Simms
11 Hilary Merton
13 Anne Harper
14 Suzanne Knuckley
15 Judith Ball
16 June Anisle
18 Wendy Charman
20 Rose Woodward
21 Mark Lyons C/O Shelli Carew
22 Allie Olds
24 Lyndsey Cowl C/O Elaine Cowl
25 Jane Nix
26 Carol Harper
27 Sharon Scamp
30 June Ainslie
31 Hilary Merton
32 Lynn Knuckley
33 Maxine Young
34 Ian Roberts
35 Elaine Cowl
36 Jane Nix
37 Jane Nix
38 Jane Nix
40 Keran Williams
41 Kairen Warrilow
42 Patricia Hicks Plant
43 Shelli Carew
44 Suzanne Knuckley
45 Wayward Wenches
46 Jane Nix
47 Jane Nix
48 Gill Corbett
49 Lindsay Truesdale
54 Allie Olds
55 Sandy Steward


Numbers available are 4, 6, 8, 9, 12,17, 19, 23, 28, 29, 39, 50, 51, 52, 53, 56, 57, 58 and 59.