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Yummy Treats

Many thanks to our supporters for their donations to the kennel dogs treat fund so far, which are beginning to replenish the low stock. However, more donations welcome as there are so many K9 Crusaders dogs who love to have an occasional treat.
Donations may be made by paypal to, marked “treat fund” or direct to our bank account. Sort code 20-87-94 and Account number 73625575. Thank-you.
In the meantime, Jack is keen to be chief taster for the treat delivery received yesterday 🙂

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Halloween Goodies

Little fellas Dougie and Benny try out the two tone Hallowe’en marrowbone jellies. These will be on the seasonal menu for the dogs at K9 Crusaders.

Alan and Zoe get ready to dish up Kez’ spiced pumpkin soup with black pudding sausage, and pumpkin biscuit ‘croutons’.
What will our dogs make of it all?

Looking like a winner! Here’s Jack Russell Woody, and Patterdale Tammy giving it the terrier seal of approval. Its a definite hit with big boy Ollie, too!’Right place, right time’ Ollie just happened to be passing through the yard when the lid came off the pot! 😁

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​Meet the seven lucky dogs who have found their forever home through K9 Crusaders

Cornish dog welfare charity K9 Crusaders at Bissoe has found forever homes for a number of abandoned and neglected dogs.

Here are just seven of man’s best friends who will be looking forward to the new year at their new abodes with their new families.


Susie was brought into K9 Crusaders in June from a tragic situation, and at the age of 21 the chance of anyone being willing to help was slim. We took in Susie and immediately she was put into foster care with one of our experienced fosterers and has settled in perfectly with the family’s other two dogs, who are also K9 Crusaders rescues. She has lost weight, is much healthier and runs around so much that it is so hard to believe her advanced years. She will start 2017 at her new home, having just been officially adopted.


Jack was another elderly chap who needed some TLC. Little Jack was not so little when he first arrived at K9 Crusaders in late April. Weighing in at over 11kg, with a torn cruciate and annoying benign cysts on his legs, Jack was not in the best shape. He was far too large to have the surgery to correct his problems so he needed a strict dietary programme in liaison with the centre’s vet, until they considered it safe to proceed.

Thankfully, Jack has made great progress after having some rotten teeth and the cysts removed and with plenty of rest and less weight to carry around, his leg requires no surgery.

While at the kennels recovering Jack was spotted by Graham. Once Graham was settled in his new house, he asked if he could foster Jack to see how they got on. Jack took to Graham immediately, and they quickly became inseparable.

Jack returns to the centre back every Wednesday to be weighed, and Graham is gradually increasing his exercise as Jack’s cruciate heals and strengthens.

Wendy Carbis, from K9 Crusaders, said: “We were thrilled when Jack was officially adopted by Graham in September. With his weight currently at 8.65kg, Jack’s life is definitely going in the right direction.”


K9 Crusaders said Staffordshire Bull Terrier Buster had a terrible start to life, ill-treated, beaten and neglected. He came to us as a scared, scarred boy, in need of extensive behavioural input and rehabilitation to learn to trust people again.

Wendy said: “When he was ready to be rehomed we found it very difficult to find a home for him as he has rear leg and spinal problems due to his past life, and not many people were willing to accept the associated vet costs of adopting him.

He waited, and then along came a supporter of ours, recently bereaved after the loss of her previous K9 Crusaders rescue dog, and decided he was just the perfect fit for her family. He was rehomed in November and has now got everything a dog could ask for in life. A very contented boy indeed.”


Little Jack Russell bitch Amy arrived at the door of K9 Crusaders in December last year. She had fleas, skin allergies, ear infections and tooth issues leading to her being chronically underweight.

The team immediately put Amy onto antibiotics for her skin and treated her ears and Amy was soon feeling better.

After losing weight Amy underwent dental surgery which confirmed that the poor pooch’s jaw didn’t fit together properly and her teeth were misplaced. It was obvious for the K9 Crusaders that she had been suffering for a long time.

Wendy said: “With the removal of malformed teeth she quickly was ready to be rehomed and in February 2016 she joined her new family.”


Belgian Shepherd cross Billie spent a longtime at K9 Crusaders waiting for new owners to find a place for her in their hearts and a new home.

Wendy said: “She unfortunately seemed to suffer from Black Dog Syndrome being overlooked time and time again, despite being a sweet girl.

“During her time with us she was befriended by one of our volunteers who went that extra mile, taking Billie out with her own dogs to help her socialisation and training.”

Billie with Brigit

During her time at the centre Billie became the “spokesperson” for K9 Crusaders, visiting Pets at Home, attending dog shows and collections, always with volunteer Birgit by her side.

“She thrived and was so ready for the right person. She knew exactly what she was looking for in a family and when she finally met the correct match she was very uncharacteristic, throwing herself at the lady, begging to be chosen. And she was, and in August she was successfully rehomed”, said Wendy

Beau (now Bella)

Collie cross Kelpie puppy Beau arrived at the centre at only 13 weeks old in May 2016. The team at K9 Crusaders knew that this feisty little character would need someone who would be willing to give their time to training and socialising.

Wendy said but with Beau’s “sweet face” the calls came in droves.

“But we chose her new family based on their experience and desire to participate in obedience and agility training with Beau, which she really would love. So within a month Beau (renamed Bella) went off to her new home. Luckily for us Bella still comes to see us regularly at our dog shows, and is looking wonderful and so happy in her new home”, she said.

K9 Crusaders provides a countywide dog rescue, re-homing and rehabilitation centre and relies entirely on donations. Volunteers run the centre, provide behavioural support for the animals and advise of any aspect of dogs and dog welfare.

To support the charity visit, donate via Paypal to, donate directly to the K9 Crusaders bank account using sort code: 20-87-94 and account number: 73625575, send a cheque to K9 Crusaders Dog Welfare, Hollybush Farm, Bissoe, TRURO, Cornwall TR4 8TF or visit the charity’s Total Giving Page:


By WBCaroline | Posted: January 01, 2017

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Wonderful Day at Cornwall Farmers Dog Show

The weather was hot, the dogs were shining and the venue was brilliant. Great day all round at the Cornwall Farmers/Countrywide store at Threemilestone, with so many new faces as well as some of our own happy ending dogs and some old favourites as well.

We were a little worried picking the same day as Royal Cornwall Show, but we need not have worried.The place was packed and we had to put in more seating!

Our Best in show was Millie, a new face making her show debut. After a very abusive past, she was amazing and in the end was the obvious choice as she has come so far and overcome so much with the love and dedication of her new owner.

Reserve was Leo, a young blue Great Dane boy, another newbie, and already a fan fave. Our gorgeous Ellie and new rehome Trixie were in attendance, as was Merlin and his mum June. Huge thanks to June who presented us with a cheque for £300 from the The Derek and Jeannie Tangye Minack Chronicles Nature Trust. Thanks so much to the Trust and to June, and handsome chap Merlin who also won 2 second rosettes for Handsomest Dog and Softest Ears.

For all the photos from the event please visit our Pinterest board, linked below.

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Lovely Surprise at Mid Cornwall Dog Training Club

freddie agil

The K9 Crew had a great time at the Mid Cornwall Dog Training Club meeting at Sticker, and not only because we were presented with a cheque for £400, raised throughout the year by the club, but it was also amazing watching the dogs and giving Indie and Freddie a fun day out.
They both made lots of friends and Indie couldn’t take her eyes of the agility course, so maybe we need to make up one at HQ for her to have a go.
I was also fantastic to catch up with our Petal, now Florence, who has joined the club and is having a wonderful life with her new family. She was looking amazing!

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Thanks to Pets at Home, Treliske AGAIN

WE WOULD LIKE TO SEND MASSIVE THANK YOU to the wonderful staff at Pets at Home, Treliske, Truro, and their generous customers, and to the Support Adoption for Pets team. Their combined efforts raised a whopping £1,713.93 for the K9 Crusaders dogs!
We are so very grateful for your ongoing support-THANK YOU!

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Sporting successes


Well done to Dave, Matthew, Sean & Pete who ran the 44 miles from The Lizard to Land’s End today. Fantastic – thanks so much.
They have raised over £400 for the dogs and the sponsorship link is still open for anyone wishing to add their support.
And also congratulations to our volunteer Lisa Gower who took part in the cycle stage of the Bude Triathlon and raised £355. And all that after having to learn to ride the bike first!

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Thanks to Tumblebee clothing


Big thanks to Krissie Colton from Tumblebee Clothing in Penzance for a wonderful assortment of doggie clothing, some of which will be auctioned later in the year and some which will provide cosy comfort for some of our littlest residents.

Even Minnie allowed Kez to dress her in a fab coat!

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Thank you Fran from all the dogs


THIS LOVELY LADY, Fran Brown, popped in today to present us with £80 that she made for K9 Crusaders at a sponsored event.

Buster thought she was great, and gave her his special snorty cuddles!

Thank you, Fran, from all of us!

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West Briton article - Two dogs set to have their day

wb-rossi +Tank

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